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Dumping Sand

Lease Haulers

​At Pittman Construction Company, we appreciate the hard work of our lease haulers to help us meet our diverse needs. Through our collaborations​, we seek high value DBE & non-DBE hauling services that will help us continue to meet our needs into the future. Our focus is to work with lease haulers that can provide the best value for all of our operations.

  • Lease Haulers are paid weekly

  • All payables paperwork must be turned byWednesday, no later than 3:00 pm.

  • Please provide the following information to Our insurance requirements are as follows:

    • ​General Liability in the amount of $1,000,000 for *Each Occurrence* with Pittman Construction Company added as an *ADDITIONAL INSURED* on the General Liability policy.

    • Auto Liability in the amount of $1,000,000

    • Workers Compensation (for one or more employees)

    • Certificate Holder (Not the same as Additional Insured) Information as follows:
      Pittman Construction Company
      1487 Farmer Road NW
      Conyers, GA​ 30012
      Attn: Accounts Payables​


DBE Hauler must be a registered and approved subcontractor with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), with all current expirations.​


Subcontractor agrees to perform a “commercially useful function” as defined in 49 CFR§26.55, in connection with the work covered by this subcontract. In doing so, subcontractor agrees that it will be responsible for and will actually perform, manage and supervise the work covered by this subcontract and agrees that it will not sub-contract a significantly greater portion of the work than would be expected on the basis of normal industry practices. Subcontractor certifies that he has adequate resources to perform the work covered by this subcontract. The subcontractor agrees to prepare and submit all sub-tier subcontracts and material contracts o the contractor for approval. The contractor reserves the right to review and reject any and all sub-contracts, equipment leases and/or use of other contractor’s personnel entered into between subcontractor and third parties that do not conform or comply with the provisions of this section, the terms of the prime contract or the requirements of the owner. Neither the approval of nor the failure on the part of the contractor to reject such arrangements shall relieve the subcontractor of any of its obligations under this agreement. In the event it is determined that the subcontractor fails to perform a “commercially useful function,” due in whole to the actions of the subcontractor, the contractor shall have the right to terminate the subcontract, without penalty or liability, and contractor may recover from subcontractor any damages contractor may suffer as a result of subcontractor’s failure to perform a “commercially useful function.”

Our Mission


Under the provisions of the prime contract, the contractor is required to meet the specified DBE participation. Subcontractor acknowledges that the dollar amount of the subcontract is being used by contractor to meet the specified goal and warrants that it is a certified DBE under the owner’s DBE program. Subcontractor further agrees contractor shall have the right to terminate the subcontract for default pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement, without penalty or liability, if subcontractor is decertified as a DBE, and/or if for any reason the owner refuses to count any portion of the subcontract towards meeting the DBE goal due in whole to the actions of the subcontractor. Contractor shall be entitled to recover any damages from the subcontractor it may suffer as a result of subcontractor’s decertification, including any increased costs attributable to obtaining a replacement DBE acceptable to the owner to complete the subcontract work.​

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